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Bone graft

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Dental implants

The dental implant is used to replace the tooth root of a missing tooth. Made of a biocompatible material (titanium), the dental implant does not represent any health risk. Once inserted into the alveolar bone, an artificial replacement tooth can be attached to the implant.

Why resort to implantology?

  • Increased comfort

  • Aesthetic level comparable to a completely natural tooth

  • Better chewing

  • Facilitated dental hygiene


In short, the installation of an implant represents an unparalleled solution to replace a missing tooth. The result is truly striking, both in terms of appearance and comfort.

Dental implants can greatly improve a person's quality of life due to the fact that:

  • They restore and improve the masticatory function as well as the speech of a person who has lost one or more teeth

  • They can increase a person's confidence, because when applied they do not move, they look like natural teeth and restore normal function to the mouth.

  • They eliminate the pressure on the remaining teeth or on the oral mucosa caused by conventional dentures

  • They can help slow down or stop the resorption of the jaw bone by mimicking the presence of a tooth root.


Dental implants can therefore be used to support dental bridges, removable complete dentures as well as partial dentures.
Dr Éric Zini has been offering this service for more than 20 years, he has followed extensive and specialized training using the best technologies. A consultation will convince you.

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Bone graft

Bone grafts are used to increase bone volume when it is insufficient for the placement of implants.

Dr. Zini will advise you on the need for this intervention.

Greffe osseuse

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, can be problematic in some people. Indeed, if the available space is not sufficient or the position of the latter is not optimal, the wisdom teeth do not grow. It is then necessary to extract them, either as a preventive measure or when a problem arises. Each situation is different and a panoramic X-ray is necessary to establish an appropriate treatment choice.

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