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Confidentiality Policy

Through its Web site, Clinique Dentaire Zini collects  personal information about you.  

The clinic is committed to protecting your personal information and invites you to  read this confidentiality policy.  

Personal Information Collected Automatically 

When you connect to our website, certain personal information is exchanged  between your computer and our server. This exchange is necessary so that the data  contained on our site can be correctly communicated to the computer equipment  you are using. This personal information is kept by the Clinic solely for technical and  statistical purposes related to the performance of our website.  

The information collected is as follows: 


• the domain name of your Internet service provider; 

• your IP address; 

• your browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.); 

• your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.); 

• the date and time of your visit; 

• the webpages consulted.  


Use of cookies 

The clinic does not store any cookies permanently. Only a temporary cookie is used  during your visit to our site to improve the performance of certain functions. 

You can deactivate your cookies through your web browser. However, this  deactivation may have the effect of restricting certain functionalities of our  website. 


Personal information voluntarily transmitted by email or by form 

The personal information that you voluntarily communicate to us by email or  through the contact form on our website, such as your name and email address, will  only be used to allow clinic personnel to reply to you or to follow up on your request,  and will not be retained.

This document is prepared by the ACDQ for the exclusive use of its members. 

Commitment to privacy 

All clinic employees have signed a confidentiality agreement. 

Person in charge of the protection of personal information 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, or if you have any complaints  regarding non-compliance with this policy, please contact  

Stavya Bendavid, who is in charge of  the protection of personal information, in writing at

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