Whether it is for your child or for yourself, you can be certain that at Zini Dental Clinic in the Laurentiens , we'll help you get that radiant smile of your dreams. We offer all modern orthodontic services (transparent and standard braces, and Invisalign) under one roof, with invisible solutions for our most demanding clients.

We offer comprehensive and affordable care with flexible payment plans with the options of installments up to 24 months.

Depending on the age of the patient and the type of dental problem, we sometimes perform only an interceptive treatment (referred to as the first phase of treatment) or a complete orthodontic treatment if feasible in a single treatment phase.

Many benefits are associated with orthodontic treatment. Thus, by aligning teeth, jaws, and lips, an orthodontic treatment improves the appearance of your smile and contributes to a better self-esteem. Additionally, in some situations, orthodontic treatment will help prevent cavities, gum disease and supporting bone, tooth loss, teeth fractures, slurred speech, and masticatory difficulties.

Finally, aligned teeth make it easier to brush and help to acquire good hygiene habits.

Call us for a consultation, Dr. Stavya Bendavid will be able to evaluate your situation and recommend you an appropriate treatment, according to your condition.

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